Richard Simmons Has Gone Insane!!!! What The Hell Is This?????

Richard Simmons Gone Insane

Ok.. now Richard Simmons has always been a little different.. a little too enthusiastic… a little too something… BUT this?

What the hell is this please tell me????!!!!!!

This outfit isn’t even insane.. it is something far more sinister.. give me a break!!!!

What happened to the regular semi-normal Richard Simmons that we all knew and loved.. who encouraged overweight people all over American to get active??

Does anyone remember Richard Simmons in the old days?

Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies

The Complete Collection of Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Richard Simmons Deal a Meal

Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal

I actually like this program of his! Great cards… but that freaking outfit! WTF???!!!!

Richard Simmons Deal a Meal CD

Richard Simmons Deal a Meal Program Interactive Cd-rom

So if you want to look just like Richard Simmons.. here is a costume for you!

Richard Simmons Costume

Workout Video Star (X-Large)

Or if you just want that insane hair of his….

Richard Simmons Hair Wig Crazy Brown Afro

SeasonsTrading Economy Brown Afro Wig ~ Halloween Costume Party Wig (STC13034)

Nuff said…

Amazing Closeup Photographs of Eyeballs!!!! That Is Insane!!!

Giant Eye Closeup

Wow! These closeups of eyes are so amazing (and a little gross… ).. but still incredibly insane!!!! (In a good wonderful way)..This is what our corneas look like!!!!

Now The Gangnam Style Groin Grinding Dance Had Gone Competitive!!! That is Insane!!!

Gangnam Style Groin Grinding Competition

So.. this is where we are going with this.. it’s not enough that we have to see it and hear it everywhere… but now this!!!

So… here is the original…

And here is one spoof… (I LOVE THIS ONE)…

Apparently this is what they are using in Thailand these days to keep prison inmates busy!!!!

That is truly insane!



Giant Phone Covers That Makes The Cell Phone Bigger Than Your Head!!! That Is Insane!!!!

Worldshopping – Pink Soft Skin Gel Silicone Case Cover Protector For Apple iPhone 4 4G / 4S,Cute Big Ear Design

The whole point of phone covers is to protect your phone.. and, of course, to make it look nice at the same time.. but these giant insane phone covers are so big that they are crazy! Fun, but crazy!!!!!

ThThat Is Insane!!!



Yes.. this is crazy… insane, impractical.. and everything else!!!!

But, it’s not alone.. check out these hilariously insane phone covers.. (the lobster was on Mashable) and I found some more crazy phone covers too!!! OMG!!!!

MYBAT Beer-Food Collection Phone Protector Cover for APPLE iPhone 4S/4

And there are many more where that came from!!!! These are crazy insane!!! 🙂

Totally Insane!!! What Were These People Thinking?

Ok.. I’m warning you.. This is kind of GROSS… so carry on if you want to see what I’m talking about.. (not explicit though) .





Butt I want an IPod!

Butt Give Me My Glasses


Buzz Butt


Ok… so what is the logic behind putting stuff up your butt… particularly pointed, square, strange stuff…

Wouldn’t you think that doing that would be slightly dangerous?

I remember when I was in college, one of my friends was studying to be a nurse, and she had to do an internship in a local emergency room…

Well… she told us stories of people putting mustard jars, Coke bottles, and other similarly shaped things… and that was horrible enough..BUT.. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR?????? (Maybe a real Buzz Lightyear… but definitely not a toy one).

I mean.. they ended up in the emergency room didn’t they?

But, putting random stuff up there, especially stuff that could potentially poke a hole in your rectum or colon? Like what is the point? How insane is that??????


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