The Insane McRib Sandwich That Should Be Called A SandWISH…

McRib SandWISH


So… if you love pig guts, innards, stomachs, and possibly anuses, but no actual “meat” … you will LOVE the McRib Sandwich.

Well, let me rephrase that.. let’s say SANDWISH instead.. it WISHES it were a sandwich.. but it’s not…

I bet they don’t list those ingredients on the menu, do they?

Well according to two writers at Business Insider (which was posted on Yahoo News)…

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This reminds me of another article I read about McD’s having burgers that register little or no protein, yet technically they are 100% beef.. now I understand how that could be possible.. just like these… 100% pork.. but not what we consumers would normally eat or consider meat.. right?

Just because it looks like ribs and smells like ribs, doesn’t mean it IS ribs… just saying.

AND… guess how many ingredients this sandwish has? … 70, including some kind of plastic bleach product!

Track the McRib.. Stalk It

And finally… check out this really horrible video that has caused people all over to boycott this nasty sandwish.

Watch The Disgusting Video Now

But don’t watch this if you have a weak stomach.. If you are into animal rights.. then watch it anyway… because this is wrong.

But if you still want to eat this sandwish even after all of that… fully knowing what is inside it… well.. simply.. THAT IS INSANE!!!

McKayla Is Not Impressed Indeed.. But Tom Cruise’s Publicist Is Insane


McKayla is not impressed… and neither was the entire USA and the world……………….

Remember this?

Well.. I saw it when it happened… and it was a sad moment..

It looked fake.. and it was fake..

The next time your insane publicist tells you to do something stupid, and your heart pinches you and is trying to tell you that you are going to look retarded on national and, indeed, international television.. pay attention and don’t do it.

By the way.. I LOVE the McKayla memes that are everywhere.. insanely funny πŸ™‚ (Some of them anyway). πŸ™‚

Also… check out this link.. πŸ™‚ For millions of McKayal meme images.. some are REALLY insane!!!!!



I’m speechless… really…

Insane Mountainside Home!!!

Insane Mountain Home


I KNOW I wouldn’t want to live in THIS insane mountainside home!!!!!

I think I would absolutely DIE!!!!!!

I can’t stand going up ladders!!!! YIKES!!!!

Insane New Fad – Trash The Dress – ie. You Burn, Dirtify, Sink… Your Beautiful Wedding Dress That You Paid Hundreds (Or Thousands) For

Muddy Wedding Dress Being Trashed

David’s Bridal Wedding Dress: Satin pick-up ballgown with corset bodice and brooch detail. Style T9104

Β Photo Credit:


Trashing the Wedding Dress On A Banshee!

Photo Credit:

New A-Line Full Bridal Petticoat Crinoline Wedding Gown Slip (106DS)

Painted Trashed Wedding Dress

New A-Line Full Bridal Petticoat Crinoline Wedding Gown Slip (106DS)

Photo Credit:

Hmmmmmm…..THIS is insane! (But fun)…

I just paid a lot of money for a beautiful dress to wear on my special day and then I trash it while being photographed.. I don’t really despise the idea of taking pictures for posterity with my new husband having fun with my wedding dress (that you hopefully didn’t pay over $1000 for – because that kind of money could feed a lot of hungry people – and you could have sold your dress instead) ….

But, I do think trash the dress sometimes gets out of hand.. one woman drowned in Canada because her heavy dress weighed her down and she was carried out by the tide and no one could save her (I guess the photographer had already been paid, or he might have made a more valiant effort)… and now THIS!!!!!

Trash The Dress – Burn Baby Burn!

David’s Bridal Wedding Dress: Satin pick-up ballgown with corset bodice and brooch detail. Style T9104

Photo Credit:


Well.. This Insanely Impolite “Homeless” Lucky Beggar Wallet Has Caused Quite A Stir!


Homeless Wallet Lucky Beggar Greek Cup Wallet

Buy Now: Greek Coffee Cup Purse

But… while CB2 apparently removed the “homeless wallet from their store… the giant online retailer Amazon still has it listed and by more than one seller! This wallet is impolitely insane.. but I would take it in good humor really… I mean, after all… there are a lot of really freaking rude things out there and nobody is talking or complaining about those!!!



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