4.5 Million For The Batmobile????? That Is Insane!!!!!


Hey… this batmobile is super cool to be sure.. LOVE those colors, but 4.5 MILLION????????????????????????????????????? Holy Moly!!!! That is a lot of money!!!! So now what are they going to do with it? Can’t drive a 4.5 million dollar car can we? Maybe they can resell it as an investment in a few months… whoa!

I think I will stick to more reasonably priced versions of this car, like the ones I will link to below … dang!!!!!

Autographed Batmobile

Adam West Autographed Batmobile with Bam Insc: Batmobile

Batmobile Snap Model

Round 2 Batmobile Classic 1:25 Scale Snap Model Kit

The Dark Knight Manual Hot Wheels Batmobile

Mattel Hot Wheels 1:18 1966 TV Series Batmobile

The History of the Batmobile

Batmobile: The Complete History

I think I would rather have one of these anyway… particularly the one with the signature of Adam West on it! How cool is that!????

But 4.5 Million for the Batmobile? YIKES!!!!! That is seriously insane…

WTF?????? This Insane Tape Art Photography is Disturbing and SCARY!!!


WTF????!!!!! I am left speechless about this “art”… putting tape on people and photographing them is different… so he gets a gold star for creativity for sure… but the subject matter is disturbing…





Here Are Some Of The Craziest Insane Cosplay/Dressup/ Costume/ Ahem Pictures I Have Seen… WTF?????

I’m not going to say a single solitary word.. nothing.. I am silent.. (I am going to be adding some links below, just in case you too want to look like these very misguided people).. but seriously????????










WTF 11


WTF 12

WTF 13

After that I really can’t go on….

But, in case you want to try this at home:

 Marge Simpson Wig

Buy Now: Enigma 00255 Margie Wig

Giant Baby Costume Accessory Kit

Buy Now: Big Baby Costume Accessory Kit

Long Curly Pink and Blue Cosplay Anime Wig

Buy Now: Lolita 2x Clip Ponytails on Extensions Long Curly Party Costume Cosplay Wigs

Long Blue Cosplay Wig

40″ Crypton Future Media Vocaloid Straight Cosplay Wig (Model: Jf010078) (Cyan)

This is BEYOND Insane… Check Out Dean Potter’s Insane Feats

Do NOT do this at home… or out… or on top of a mountain… or in a valley… or anywhere.. ok?  Please …

Yes, this is amazing, incredible, beautiful, but it is also absolutely insane.


God bless him and take care of him.. that is all I can say.

I can no longer speak…. I feel faint… and dizzy….

Insane Crazy Socks – Hey… don’t you want to absolutely wear capes on your legs???!!

Superman Socks with Cape

DC Comics SUPERMAN Logo Licensed Knee High Socks with Cape

OK… don’t you just wanna wear these? Don’t you just wanna go around pretending you are Superman? I know I do… yup.

I hate socks enough as it is, and so I definitely want to wear capes on my legs. That is insane!!!!

Here are some more crazy insane socks to wear.. you know you wanna wear them.. right? Yup.

Superhero Cape Socks

Wonder Woman Superhero Red Adult Knee High Cape Sock

OR.. you can pretend there is a shark eating your leg. I think that is even more fun! And definitely more insane!!!!!!

Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite 3 Dimensional Trouser Socks by Foot Traffic

I know I’m going right out to buy these now.. aren’t you?

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