Crazy Insane Food!!!!!! Bizarre Mealworm Caramel Apples Served at The State Fair??? (And More!)

Mealworm apple



When I saw this “thing” I felt queasy…

I absolutely LOVE candy apples.. but this one makes me swoon.

To each his own for sure, but eating a candy or caramel apple with worms all over it is definitely not my idea of delicious….

(But, to be fair, many people love eating these things.. and who am I to say… I’ve honestly never tried them)…

But… if you want to duplicate this!

(And just think how fun a party with these would be)… ha ha.. like a zombie party or something…

Or make these to sell at your school function… or at a carnival…

Here are all the things you will need!

(Just make sure the mealworms are safe for humans to eat… I don’t know how that is determined though!!!)….


Larvets-Original Worm Snacks (Pack of 24)

Caramel Apple Kit

Concord Caramel Apple Wraps THREE (3) 6.05 oz Packages

Candy Apple Kit

Concord Candy Apple Red Kits, 5-Ounce Wraps (Pack of 24 )

And here are some other delicious snacks for you and your party guests (or enemies) eating delight 🙂

For all you cricket lovers out there…


Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets (Pack of 24)

And… shock your friends and make YouTube videos of yourself eating REAL SCORPIONS!!!!

Scorpion Lollipops

Hotlix Scorpion Suckers Sugarfree (Pack of 36)

Or even better…. tequila worms! 🙂

Tequilaworm Lollipops

Hotlix Tequilaworm, Insect Candy Lollipop (Pack of 36)

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