The Most Insane Pipe Cleaner Art You Ever Did See!!!!

Pipe Cleaner Foxes


These are realistic, amazing, insane, and beautiful!

Pipe Cleaner Artist Lauren

Hats off to this pipe cleaner artist!

Pipe Cleaner Polar Bear

Who knew that you could do such amazing artwork with pipe cleaners!!!!

Pipe Cleaner Wolf

I’m totally impressed… really.

So… if you would like to try your hand at making pipe cleaner animals or pipe cleaner art, here are some materials and colorful pipe cleaners from Amazon to start you off….

Pipe Cleaners

Creative Arts by Charles Leonard Chenille Stem Class Pack, 4 mm x 12 Inch, Assorted Colors, 1000/Box (65490)

Chenille Stems

Chenille Stems 6mm 12-Inch, 100/Pkg, Jewel

Giant Chenille Stems

Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners Box

And if you want to learn how to make pipe cleaner animals and other crafts, here are some books for you 🙂

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets (Design Originals)

Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy

Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy: A Complete Guide to Bending Funny Sticks

Twisted Critters

Twisted Critters: The Pipe Cleaner Book (Klutz)

Whaaaaa?????? Jesus Running In the NY Marathon????

Jesus running in the NY marathon

Well.. is this a political statement or is this a sacrilege?

I don’t know… what do you all think? Is this too irreverent even for non-Christians? Could be… or it could be that this guy is making a statement about what it is supposed that the real Jesus did for the masses (real or imagined)…. There were some reports that the guy was actually a Japanese photographer… so was he doing this solely for publicity? Hope not…

But, keeping it all right here with a sense of humor… EMPHASIS ON SENSE OF HUMOR….

Here is some stuff in case you would like to run a marathon as Jesus too…..

And remember… this is NOT to insult Jesus the true prophet (and I swear I’m not being sarcastic here.. this is what I KNOW)…

But, since Jesus never did any of that… or even looked like that.. dressing up this way can be funny.. so take it that way please…

Jesus Wig and Beard

Biblical (Brown) Wig And Beard (Brown;One Size)

Jesus Robes

Adult Jesus Costume

Real Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns From The Holy Land 7″

(If you’re going to get a crown of thorns.. at least get one that fits.. apparently all the other fake ones out there don’t… )

Shepherds crook 2

Shepherd’s Crook

Cotton Muslin 2

100% Cotton Bleached Muslin 120 Inch W, 15 Yds-White

Yes… this is cloth so that you can make that loincloth diaper thing that the guy is wearing in the marathon… I’m pretty sure Jesus never wore anything like this, because the real Jesus was a prophet and wouldn’t have been so immodest.. but here it is…

Oh… that way you can also look like this guy:

I will Survive Jesus The Musical Video From YouTube

And you’re going to need some real Jesus sandals… right from the homeland in Jerusalem… unless you decide to go foot commando…

Jesus sandals

Biblical Jesus Yashua Sandals for Men & Women Holy Land (European Sizes 35 to 46)

And you can’t have a Jesus without his mother Mary… (again, who we respect and revere… but nothing wrong with dressing up modestly.. right?

Mary Costume 2

Virgin Mary Adult Costume

And finally… Jesus’ father Joseph, the carpenter.. wait a minute! I thought Jesus’ father was God???!!!! (Well.. as we all know God isn’t Jesus actual “father” but his spiritual father and the spiritual father of all mankind… so….

Boys Joseph Costume

Deluxe Joseph Boys Costume

So the next time you want to dress up.. have a fun party.. or just look really religious.. here are some outfits for your costuming pleasure… tongue in cheek.. remember????

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