For When You Are Feeling Insane and You Don’t Want Anyone To Know You…

Black Bar Sunglasses

Internet Censorship One-Piece Black Bar Novelty Sunglasses

These crazy insane incognito glasses are just what you need when you don’t want anyone to know who you are!!!


These black bar sunglasses are perfect for keeping people from recognizing you!


Wear these whenever you want to sensor your pictures for FACEBOOK!


Don’t wait until FACEBOOK does it for you! 🙂


Just wear these when you want to block yourself out of pictures!!!!! HA! You’re GONE!!!!!

Crazy Insane Sleeping Bags With Legs!!!!

sleeping bag with legs

Selk’bag Original 4G


If you sleep walk this crazy insane sleeping bag will be perfect for you!


A sleeping bag with legs!!!!


Just what everyone needs!


And for girls, too!

Pink Sleeping Bag with Legs Selk’bag 4G Lite by Musuc

The most insane thing of all is that these sleeping bags with legs are actually rated high on Amazon!!! SO FUNNY!!!!!!


Feel Like Getting Eaten By A Shark? Insane Shark Sleeping Bag????

Shark Bag


Now here is a great thing!

A sleeping bag that is so secure that it gives you the feeling of being eaten by a shark!

I know I love the feeling of being eaten by a giant fish with sharp teeth, and I know you do, too!!!!

Man eating sleeping bags!!!! Insane? Yup! Fun! Yup!

And some more for your friends and even your children!!!


Shark Bag 2


Shark Bag Kid

Snore-ca Jr


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