Insane Search for Idiots – Sharing is Caring

OK… so I did a search… you know… it’s not like I don’t have 1 million other things that I need to be doing… BUT…

I wanted to see what idiots were into… so…. Thank you for enlightening me Amazon 🙂 🙂

Right off the bat… THIS SHOW and story is the BEST!!!…. This is the book, and I’ll link to the show below that… SO FUNNY!!!!

HEHEHEHEHEHEHE…. AND there are more seasons HAHA!

This is the cutest, funniest cup hahahah… let those people at your job read this!!!!

Any REAL baby needs THIS!!!!!

I NEEEED THESE!!!!!!! OMG…These insane idiot parking tickets are PERFECT!!!!!!


The person who wears this t-shirt, is probably telling the truth… 🙂 🙂

Here is a unicorn head for you, so that you can complete the mission below! IDIOT stabber ….

This is your mug that will continue to remind you of your unicorn mission….

And, finally, if you need a dog to say this… well…. consider your idiot radar honed in….


The Craziest, Insane-est Costumes Almost Ever

Well…. you know… people have to keep on getting creative as time goes on.

But, it just seems that the costumes that people come up with are getting crazier and insaner by the minute.

They are definitely more creative also…. some are cuter, too… like these unicorn costumes…. by the way… where have unicorns been hiding all these years?

If you don’t want to go the whole body unicorn route, you can just do the rainbow unicorn wig route..

You could also go for the unicorn onesie… you know… the truth is a have one of these… and I honestly LOVE it… now consider that silly, immature… OK I will admit it myself… I am immature… THERE!

Then again…. if you don’t like the thought of being so cute.. what about being ugly in a cute way?

Perhaps this jellyfish costume would be more your speed?

I like this one so much, I think I would like to get it and wear it to the next costume party someone throws!

And the bodysuit to go with this insane costume….

This one is insane and … to me… really scary…

But I LOVE these feet!!!!! 🙂


OK… so cute is OVER now… time for insane, crazy GROSS costumes…. shocking!!!!

How ’bout this???


Quick! Scroll down because I can’t even look at that anymore!!! UGH!

This last one… well… what can I say? I just LOVE these… and I wish I could get every single one of these…. that’s how cool in an insane way I think these are!

Here are a few… but there are TONS on Amazon…..

Seriously Insane Crazy Chewbacca Mom


Chewbacca Mom

OK… so there is this crazy lady who bought this insane Chewbacca mask… and now she is probably famous all over the world… 🙂 🙂

Here is the video for you all to enjoy…

So now this chick has been on every single TV show in America!!!

Of course… I am partial to the Late Late Show with James Corbin….

But… there are others… all cute, hilarious, insane, crazy….

And… Chewbacca mom even broke FACEBOOK records with her video gone viral!

Chewbacca Mom and Chewbacca

Riding bikes with Chewbacca????? Umm… isn’t this ET’s shtick?

Chewbacca Mom and Chewbacca riding bikes

You know….

So, now you TOO can make a Chewbacca Mom video!!!!

Chewbacca mask

For those who want to do the whole Chewbacca Costume thing…

Chewbacca Costume

chewbacca mask 1


And… stay tuned… because I have a surprise for you!


Can’t tell you WHAT!!!!

Insane Speakers!!!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE!

You are not going to believe these crazy insane speakers… 🙂

Levitating Speaker!!!

Levitating Speaker


Magic Water Speakers…. think Lava Lamp!!!

Magic Water Speakers

Crazy Insane Colors Brick Shaped Lego-ish Speaker

Brick Speaker


Kewl Floating Speaker!!!

Floating Speaker

Insane Colorful Magic Box Speaker

Magic Box Speaker


Crazy Cube Speaker!!!

Crazy Cube Speaker

Insane Water Speaker!!!

Insane Water Speaker

Amazing Light Show Speaker


Lightshow Speaker


Those were for everyone.. now how about some girly girl pink insanely cute speakers… 🙂

Pink Twist Speaker

Yes, you CAN take your PINK SPEAKER in the shower with you!

Pink Waterproof Speaker

Insanely CUTE Teddy Bear Speaker!

Teddy Bear Speaker

And.. last but not least.. a tribute to the late Prince…

This insane purple speaker!!!

Purple Speaker

In Celebration of the Irish


So…. I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…. BUT… I don’t mind celebrating the Irish, from which two of my besties hail….

Ireland Scenery

So.. for that I have some wonderful style picks for this special day…. 🙂

You will be seriously styling if you can pull this one off!

For the lads….

Shamrock Suit

And a darker version, for more subtle celebrations.

Shamrock Suit Dark

And these shoes!!!!! Not only for the Day of the Irish.. Awesome Alligator shoes for men.

Green Shamrock Alligator Shoes

And for the lasses….

Shamrock Pants for Ladies

And the ladies need Shamrock shoes as well…

Green Shamrock Sequin Shoes for ladies

And you can get Irish with these socks as well >>>> 🙂

Shamrock Socks

For a totally Irish casual look… these are great for both lasses and lads…

Irish Shamrock Rugby Hoodie

Irish Shamrock Sneakers

And, if you want to get just a little bit crazier… go insane with these 🙂Irish Shamrock Giant Top Hat

Irish Leprechaun Costume

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