Insane Globe Earth Versus Reality – Flat Earth

Gleason Flat Earth Map

It had to come to this…..

Something totally unexpected… something totally off the wall and insane….

But, yet… true…

There is no globe hurtling through space… no speeding random ball… sorry Darwin… sorry Newton….

sorry astronomers… it’s just not going to happen.. we have been victims of an insane lie for our entire lives….

Check out these videos:

There is just too much wrong with the globe earth hypothesis… it’s over people… it’s over NASA…

Whether we like it or not…. .. check it out for yourself… do your best to debunk it…. I did… but, it is what it is….

All of NASA’s fake videos, and fake science… it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Here are a couple of books for you to read more on this subject….

The Greatest Lie on Earth


The Flat Earth Conspiracy


Flat Earth Clues


Satellites are a Hoax and The Earth is Flat


Insane? Yes… but… true.

Insane Realistic Dinosaur Toy Photography


Dinosaurs in Sunlight

This guy called Jorge Saenz, who is an AP photographer, has been doing a series of images using toy dinosaurs in real outdoor amazing places…. just take a look at these realistic dinosaurs in nature pictures…

dinosaur adventures

Here they are in the desert looking insanely alive!!!!

desert dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have to drink, don’t they?

dinosaur at the watering hole

I just love these!!!!!! You can make your own by using #dinodinaseries on Instagram….

So, I have chosen some amazing dinosaur figures from Amazon… you AND your kids will love these!

This Brachiosaurus is so cute and adorable 🙂

brachiosaurus dinosaur

Of course, no dinosaur collection would be complete without a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

By the way…. I just used spell check on this and I can’t stop laughing… all my life I have called this dinosaur a Tyrantosaurus Rex… ha ha ha ha…. 🙂 Tyrant O Saurus… well… OK.. I admit I’m silly, but I still think that name is better suited to them than their real name… 🙂

T Rex Dinosaur

This Spinosaurus is perfect for your dino outings!

Spinosaurus Dinosaur

And, of course, you MUST have a Triceratops…

Triceratops Dinosaur

And.. a Velociraptor is one thing that is going to make your dinosaur collection complete…

This one is a beauty!

Velociraptor Dinosaur

And… one of my favorite dinosaurs… the Stegosaurus!!! 🙂 🙂

Stegosaurus Dinosaur

This cute little devilish looking dinosaur… the Ankylosaurus is one angry looking puppy!

Ankylosaurus Dinosaur

Now… this one is INSANE!!!!! The Pachyrhinosaurus…. What a crazy looking dinosaur!

Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur

And…. you HAVE to add this gorgeous Wooly Mammoth to complete your prehistoric collection…

wooly mammoth

And.. finally, to house all this while you aren’t playing with them or taking amazing pictures of them in the wild wilderness… this cool dinosaur toy box playmat…

Dinosaur Toy Box

Insane Wonderful Cirque Du Soleil Alegria Clown Acts

BARCELONA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 26: Cirque du Soleil performs Alegria at Palau Sant Jordi on December 26, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Getty Images)

BARCELONA, SPAIN – DECEMBER 26: Cirque du Soleil performs Alegria at Palau Sant Jordi on December 26, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Getty Images)

You know… no circus is complete without a bunch of clowns.

A few years ago we went to Dubai to see Cirque Du Soleil and the show was Alegria.

alegria clown

It was really one of the most amazing shows we have ever seen!

We loved every single act, and there were so many!

But, you know… those clowns!

We ended up buying clown noses (among a ton of other things) to take home and we still have them!

So, I just want to share some clown noses here, because they really do make a person feel happy and silly!

Please please share these with your friends, especially if they are down in the dumps….

clown noses

Take it to the next level with your own clown makeup… go for it!

clown makeup kit

Or for a less expensive one….

clown makeup kit 2

And this great book that will teach you how to make clown faces… clown it up!!!!

Complete Guide to Clown Makeup

And you KNOW you want this crazy insane rainbow clown wig…. don’t you, don’t you??????

rainbow clown wig

Or… if you prefer to be one of those bald clowns…. this is just the kit you need!

bald head clown kit

And, if you want to do the whole insane clown thing… this costume will be perfect for you!

clown costume

And, of course you have to get your baby in on the fun, too!

baby clown costume

AND….. the dog!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

dog clown costume

Hey…. just clowning around! 🙂 wink wink *


Insane Cool Shoes For Funny Fun People – Make a New Fashion Statement

Crazy Hamburger Platform Shoes

We don’t usually get into fashion tips here…. but……

This time we are making an exception….. for the ladies only… hopefully 🙂

Here are some cool and crazy shoe suggestions to help you make your very special fashion statement.

Be Proud, Be Loud!!!

For you fancy crazy insane cowgirls out there….

Crazy Super High Platform Clear See Through Gun Shoes

Make a disco fashion statement for all you disco divas out there… you do know that disco is NOT dead!!!!

Crazy Checkerboard Fancy Ladies Shoes Disco ShoesHere are some insane flowery go go booties for your wearing pleasure…. and I KNOW these would put a smile on MY face!!!!

Crazy Flower Super High Platform Go Go Booties for Disco DivasThese shoes are for that inner hooker that you have hiding inside you….

Crazy Super High 10 inch Platform Spike Heel Shoes

Here are 4 amazing super high peep toe platform disco pumps to make a statement and help you to dance away the night!

Crazy Super High Platform Baby Blue Disco Heels

Crazy Super High Platform Light Blue Japanese Blossom Peep Toe Disco Heels Crazy Super High Platform Coral Flowery Rose Peep Toe Disco Heels     Crazy Super High Platform Cream and Deep Sea Blue Ride the Waves Peep Toe Disco Heels













For those crazy sexy mama’s out there… you know who you are!!!! Dance your heart out with these super high stilettos for salsa and disco!

Crazy Super High Stiletto Black Sexy Salsa Disco Heels

For all of you sex kitten disco dancers out there…. how’s about some super high platform fur white disco heels????

Crazy Super High Platform Sex Kitten White Feather Boa Disco HeelsWizard of Oz sisters… open your life up into another dimension with these sparkly glitter Dorothy crazy platform shoes!

Red Sparkly Glitter Crazy Platform Disco Shoes DorothyThese are classics with a twist… 🙂

Tie up oxfords that are crazy and colorful!

Crazy Colorful Platform Tie Shoes

These are subtly beige, but crazily high and that stiletto!!!!!!

Do you think you could dance the night away in these????

Crazy Super High Platform Spike Stiletto Heel Shoes

Fetish shoes? Maybe…. Disco shoes??? HOW??????

These flowery insane super duper high platform,, super insane crazy stiletto heel shoes are not for the light of heart!!!!

Crazy Flowery Super Duper High Platform Spike Stiletto Heel Shoes

And… last, but definitely not least…. these amazingly insane and crazy circus style platform shoes for those wild and crazy ladies like YOU and ME out there!!! 🙂 🙂

Crazy Circus Platform Disco Shoes

All of these insane shoes are available on Amazon! Just click on the images 🙂


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