Insane Globe Earth Versus Reality – Flat Earth

Gleason Flat Earth Map

It had to come to this…..

Something totally unexpected… something totally off the wall and insane….

But, yet… true…

There is no globe hurtling through space… no speeding random ball… sorry Darwin… sorry Newton….

sorry astronomers… it’s just not going to happen.. we have been victims of an insane lie for our entire lives….

Check out these videos:

There is just too much wrong with the globe earth hypothesis… it’s over people… it’s over NASA…

Whether we like it or not…. .. check it out for yourself… do your best to debunk it…. I did… but, it is what it is….

All of NASA’s fake videos, and fake science… it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Here are a couple of books for you to read more on this subject….

The Greatest Lie on Earth


The Flat Earth Conspiracy


Flat Earth Clues


Satellites are a Hoax and The Earth is Flat


Insane? Yes… but… true.

Insane Realistic Dinosaur Toy Photography


Dinosaurs in Sunlight

This guy called Jorge Saenz, who is an AP photographer, has been doing a series of images using toy dinosaurs in real outdoor amazing places…. just take a look at these realistic dinosaurs in nature pictures…

dinosaur adventures

Here they are in the desert looking insanely alive!!!!

desert dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have to drink, don’t they?

dinosaur at the watering hole

I just love these!!!!!! You can make your own by using #dinodinaseries on Instagram….

So, I have chosen some amazing dinosaur figures from Amazon… you AND your kids will love these!

This Brachiosaurus is so cute and adorable πŸ™‚

brachiosaurus dinosaur

Of course, no dinosaur collection would be complete without a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

By the way…. I just used spell check on this and I can’t stop laughing… all my life I have called this dinosaur a Tyrantosaurus Rex… ha ha ha ha…. πŸ™‚ Tyrant O Saurus… well… OK.. I admit I’m silly, but I still think that name is better suited to them than their real name… πŸ™‚

T Rex Dinosaur

This Spinosaurus is perfect for your dino outings!

Spinosaurus Dinosaur

And, of course, you MUST have a Triceratops…

Triceratops Dinosaur

And.. a Velociraptor is one thing that is going to make your dinosaur collection complete…

This one is a beauty!

Velociraptor Dinosaur

And… one of my favorite dinosaurs… the Stegosaurus!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Stegosaurus Dinosaur

This cute little devilish looking dinosaur… the Ankylosaurus is one angry looking puppy!

Ankylosaurus Dinosaur

Now… this one is INSANE!!!!! The Pachyrhinosaurus…. What a crazy looking dinosaur!

Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur

And…. you HAVE to add this gorgeous Wooly Mammoth to complete your prehistoric collection…

wooly mammoth

And.. finally, to house all this while you aren’t playing with them or taking amazing pictures of them in the wild wilderness… this cool dinosaur toy box playmat…

Dinosaur Toy Box

Insanely Realistic Balloon Animals


Chipmunk Balloon animal

It’s not very often that you come across something this creative and fascinating….

These amazing balloon animals combine the talent of balloon making with photoshop to come up with these insanely cool animals.

balloon crab

This incredible crab has come to life!

And this adorable turtle is what originally caught my attention with these gorgeous creatures.

balloon turtle

The next few animals are so simple, but with the amazing coloring, just jump out of the computer at us!

balloon giraffe

balloon horse

balloon poodle

Then there are some balloon animals that were made by this incredible artist, Sarah DeRemer, and his photoshop skills that look like they just jumped out of nature!

balloon rhinoballoon caterpillarballoon dolphin

And, if you would like to try your hand at making insane balloon animals, here are some books and kits for you to get started with… also some blowing up machines, because, I don’t know about you,, but I sure am not blowing those all up with my own breath!!!

Single Nozzle Portable Air Pump

Dual Nozzle Air Pump

Balloon Animal Univrsity Kit

Qualatex Balloons


I just love this next one, it’s so old fashioned looking and since it came with a 5 star rating on Amazon, I figured that there must be something to it!

Ridleys Balloon Modeling Kit




Ultimate Balloon Animals


Check out her page..

Cool morphed animals….



Most Insanely Beautiful High Speed Photography

2 Drops

This insanely beautiful sight came upon my eyes today.. I love a good photograph and particularly a picture that shows something amazing in nature, and this is it…

Check out these other amazing high speed images by Ronny Tertnes.

Mushroom Drops

flying saucer drop

Heart Drop


Little Man Drops

Pearls on Shell

Flower Drop

See more of Ronny Tertnes’ amazing phography by clicking on any of the images.

If you would like to try and capture your own high speed images, these are a couple of super high speed cameras for your photographing pleasure…

This is, right now, the fastest ordinaryΒ  auto focus (I say ordinary, because there are some pseudo cameras that have been developed to take more than 1 trillion images in a second… DANG!!!!) camera in the world (according to certain sources) (if you know of a faster one, please contact me). πŸ™‚

Sony Alpha 6000 Fastest Camera

Sony Alpha a6000 24.3 Interchangeable Lens Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

Another very fast professional camera:

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18K

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18K 8.1MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle MEGA Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

The Most Insane Pipe Cleaner Art You Ever Did See!!!!

Pipe Cleaner Foxes


These are realistic, amazing, insane, and beautiful!

Pipe Cleaner Artist Lauren

Hats off to this pipe cleaner artist!

Pipe Cleaner Polar Bear

Who knew that you could do such amazing artwork with pipe cleaners!!!!

Pipe Cleaner Wolf

I’m totally impressed… really.

So… if you would like to try your hand at making pipe cleaner animals or pipe cleaner art, here are some materials and colorful pipe cleaners from Amazon to start you off….

Pipe Cleaners

Creative Arts by Charles Leonard Chenille Stem Class Pack, 4 mm x 12 Inch, Assorted Colors, 1000/Box (65490)

Chenille Stems

Chenille Stems 6mm 12-Inch, 100/Pkg, Jewel

Giant Chenille Stems

Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners Box

And if you want to learn how to make pipe cleaner animals and other crafts, here are some books for you πŸ™‚

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets (Design Originals)

Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy

Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy: A Complete Guide to Bending Funny Sticks

Twisted Critters

Twisted Critters: The Pipe Cleaner Book (Klutz)

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