The Craziest, Insane-est Costumes Almost Ever

Well…. you know… people have to keep on getting creative as time goes on.

But, it just seems that the costumes that people come up with are getting crazier and insaner by the minute.

They are definitely more creative also…. some are cuter, too… like these unicorn costumes…. by the way… where have unicorns been hiding all these years?

If you don’t want to go the whole body unicorn route, you can just do the rainbow unicorn wig route..

You could also go for the unicorn onesie… you know… the truth is a have one of these… and I honestly LOVE it… now consider that silly, immature… OK I will admit it myself… I am immature… THERE!

Then again…. if you don’t like the thought of being so cute.. what about being ugly in a cute way?

Perhaps this jellyfish costume would be more your speed?

I like this one so much, I think I would like to get it and wear it to the next costume party someone throws!

And the bodysuit to go with this insane costume….

This one is insane and … to me… really scary…

But I LOVE these feet!!!!! 🙂


OK… so cute is OVER now… time for insane, crazy GROSS costumes…. shocking!!!!

How ’bout this???


Quick! Scroll down because I can’t even look at that anymore!!! UGH!

This last one… well… what can I say? I just LOVE these… and I wish I could get every single one of these…. that’s how cool in an insane way I think these are!

Here are a few… but there are TONS on Amazon…..

Insane Rotten Teeth… UM… OK

rottin teeth


So… these Swiss made “rottin’ teeth” have been causing a real stir in Germany and other European counties recently….

Apparently, when you wear them, they might not ever come off!!!!

Who on earth would really want rotten looking teeth anyway????

Even for a costume!!!


In case you are thinking of going the rotten tooth way for a costume… here are a few choice pieces for your perusal 🙂

And some of these are positively insane!!!!

The Billy Bob teeth 🙂

billy bob teeth

The Big Cleatus teeth…

big cleatus teeth

Realistic Evil Monster Teeth…

Evil Monster Teeth


You could be a werewolf….

Werewolf Teeth

Pretend you have a gold tooth with these 🙂  You pimp you!

Gold Tooth Teeth

You can pretend that you have braces…..

Fake Braces Teeth

You can share some crazy insane really ugly teeth with your friends…

Pack of Crazy Teeth

You can go ghetto mogul with your grillz!

Fake Grillz Teeth

And, if you want to have those cool vampire teeth without actually filing yours down… these are AWESOME… (I actually have these, and they mold perfectly for your teeth)… I scared the **** out of my kids… woke them up and smiled at them…. one cried, one screamed, one gasped…. one stared in shock, and all thought they were real….

Custom Vampire Fangs Teeth

Custom werewolf teeth.. amazing… REALISTIC!!!

Custom Werewolf Fangs Teeth

And.. you do need to brush your new insane teeth… so here is a giant toothbrush…

Giant Toothbrush


Insane Baby Costume Favorites

Historic costumes for babies

You all certainly know that costume time is coming right up.

I am not even going to give it a name because it doesn’t deserve one…. but there certainly have been some insane costumes put together over the years, haven’t there?

Check out this very creative baby costume…not

gross baby costume

Whose idea was that?????

And don’t click on that link unless you want more of the same….

Here is a creative Cabbage Patch Doll… me like…

cabbage patch baby

Then, you know.. that symbol guy who is back to Prince…. except he looks more like Little Richard…

prince baby

And, of course.. you have to have Frida…. yeah?  Ha ha… notfrida

Or…. no… the “real” Chucky.. this child will grow up warped….


Well…. when I was thinking about making a choice between doing gross costumes and baby costumes, after looking at the choices out there…. baby costumes won!

There are some seriously insane cute baby costumes out there… and here are a few!

Teach your child how to strut his stuff early with this peacock baby costume!

baby peacock costume

Get your son off to a good start….

baby octopus costume

And for the girls…. you know Lady Gaga would be proud…

baby girl monster costume

And, for all you Illuminati members… get your child ready for Bohemian Grove!

baby owl costume

Yes… you can find ways to torture your baby without anyone suspecting you….

viking baby costume

And another method of torture… girl torture…. people will even think it’s cute….

flower baby

Of course, it’s never too early to celebrate your German heritage with a stein of….. beer…. um, milk…

beer baby

Insane Giant Germ Toys – Give Viruses to Those You Love!!!

Giant Microbes
Giant Microbes – Heart Warming Mini Microbe Box (5 Mini Microbes)


OK… so .. toys … ingenuity, creativity, craziness… but this??????


Sweet loving, come in a heart box… VIRUSES!!!!!! ??? HUH????? For real?? Is this insane or what?

So, the next time you are thinking of what to give to someone for a special occasion… think.. GERMS!!!

Pox syphilis
Giant Microbes Pox – Syphilis (Treponema pallidum)

Here is a cute little syphilis virus… just what you want to give to someone you love… right?

Give someone THE POX!!!!!! … ok..

Giant Microbes – HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Educational Plush Toy


Or what about giving them…. the HIV Virus?????? Even better!!!!

diarrhea toy
Giant Microbes Diarrhea (Campylobacter jejuni) Plush Toy

And if you want to give them something warm and fuzzy… how about DIARRHEA!!!! Won’t you feel wonderful giving or getting a plush diarrhea microbe???? I know I would!

herpes toy
Giant Microbes Herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus 2)

And, finally, for the gift that keeps on giving… forever… no cure, right? HERPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You KNOW you are loved when someone gives you HERPES!

Funny how the herpes virus looks just like a sunny smiley face, isn’t it?

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