Insane for Pizza.. Yes! But Would You Wear a Pizza on Your Head??

Gooey Pizza


You know…


I love pizza just as much as the next guy.


It is gooey, cheesy, tomatoey, doughy, and just absolutely YUM!


But, would I sleep with it?


Pizza Pillow Pepperoni Pizza Pattern Rectangle Pillowcases,150 Thread Count,20×36 inches (Two Sides )


Round Pizza Pillow DCI Pizza YummyPillow

Squishy Pizza Pillow

iscream / NEW!! Tasty Treats Pizza Microbead Pillow

And I can’t think of anything I would like to hug more than pizza… can YOU???

Huggable Pizza Cushion

Huggable Pizza Cushion / pillow

Pizza Pillow Case

Pizza Pattern Zippered Pillowcases,150 Thread Count,20×30 inches (Twin Sides )

Lean on it????

Pizza Beanbag or Inflatable Chair

Wow! Works Pizza Junior Inflatable Chair

Walk around with it in my pocket?

Pizza Wallet

neff Men’s Pizza Wallet, Yellow, One Size


Pizza Key Chains Pizza Key Chains



Or put it on my head?


Pizza hat

Jacobson Hat Company Adult Pizza Hat

Or my pet’s head???


Pet Pizza Hat Rubies Costume Company Pizza Hat for Pets, Small/Medium

¬†And, of course, if you want to go whole hog….. the pizza costume, for your pizza wearing pleasure, and if you don’t have a magician at your disposal who can turn you into a real pizza….


Pizza Costume Rasta Imposta Pizza Slice Costume, Multi-Colored, One Size



Or for your pet to sleep on???

Pizza Pet Bed DogZZZZ Pizza Bed – Large Round

DogZZZZ Pizza Bed – Small Round


Do you love pizza so much that you would wear a pizza bill cap???

Pizza Bill Cap Pizza Photo Print Mesh Trucker Hat Cap


Pizza Hat 2 “Pizza Fixes Everything” Food Humor Cartoon – 100% Cotton Adjustable Hat



Or a pizza shirt???

Pizza Shirt Yizzam- Pizza Galore -Tagless- Mens Shirt


Or Pizza Socks????


Pizza Socks Hot Sox Men’s Pizza Sock


Or pizza jewelry, HMMMM?????

Pizza Jewelry Goldtone with Red Pepperoni Pizza Pendant with an 18-19 Inch Adjustable Cuban Link Necklace with Matching Earrings Jewelry Set


Pizza Bracelet Sour Cherry Pizza Bracelet



There are some insane people around who apparently would, for them, someone has invented and is selling these insane pizza items!!!!! HA HA


But if you are having a pizza party, then these things are mandatory…


Pizza  Baloon 38″ Mylar Pizza Slice Super Shape Balloon

And you GOTTA have pizza games at your pizza party… right????

Pizza Card Game

Pick Up the Pizza Card Game

Pizza 31 Game

Hallmark Games KID2014 Pizza A Tasty Card Game

Haywire Pizza Party Game

Haywire Group Pizza Party

Papas Pizza Pileup Game

Poppa’s Pizza Pile-Up

And of course, for dessert, your pizza party wouldn’t be complete without GUMMY PIZZA!!!

Gummi Pizza

e.frutti Gummi Pizza (Pack of 48)

And… DOI … DUH…. of course, no pizza party would be complete without the PIZZA!!!!

So, here are some pizza gift cards to make your own or someone you love’s pizza party REAL!!!

Domino's Pizza Card

Dominos Pizza Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

Papa Johns Pizza Gift Card

Papa John’s Pizza Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

Uno Pizza Gift Card

Uno Pizzeria & Grill Pizza Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

UFFF… I’m stuffed!!!!

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