Insane Tweety Bird Costume Get Ups… Sophisticated Me


OK… there was a day when I went out at age 16 (too old) wearing a Tweety Bird Costume to school.   I even made that costume myself… I worked hard on it and it looked exactly like Tweety Bird!!!

Tweety costume pattern Butterick 6350 Sewing Pattern Childrens Tweety Bird Costume Size 2 – 12

In fact, that is the exact pattern I used to make it!

I can’t believe it’s still for sale anywhere!!!!

  I thought it was funny, but my trig teacher did not.   He thought it was immature and that I needed to grow up.   I didn’t care at the time, and honestly still don’t… after all, what is wrong with having a little fun???   It wasn’t hurting anyone, was it?   And, I still like dressing up even though I’m ancient now….   But, costumes have certainly gotten a lot more sophisticated over the years…. haven’t they?   Check out these beauties….

Tweety costume Looney Tunes Deluxe Tweety Bird Costume, Yellow, One Size

Now.. if THIS was available back in the day I’m sure I would have had it… YIPEEE!!! I’m a chicken!!!

Chicken costume

Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Chicken Costume, Yellow, One Size

And for the matching baby chicken…

Baby Chicken Costume

InCharacter Baby’s Cluckin’ Cutie

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