Atari Dig Up Causing an Insane Atari Comeback!!!

Atari Game Discovered in Landfill


OK… so a film crew and a town decided to dig up a landfill in order to see how many old buried Atari games they could find.


The dig cost them over 50,000 dollars… to prove or disprove an urban legend????


Then, they found the Atari games… tons and tons of them, and decided to sell them on Ebay… So, thousands of Atari games, just like these…


Atari Games 1


have been sold so far on Ebay…. Hmmmmmmm…


And, as of today, Nov. 17, 2014 over 37,000 dollars have been made… still sounds insane to me… what’s the point???


Back in the day, we had one of the first Atari games, and one day I started playing breakout at around 5 AM, and proceeded to play for the rest of the day, until around 8 PM…. I skipped my classes… skipped eating, and didn’t budge… healthy? Nope… Insane? YUP! Fun? Yes, but it was the challenge that kept me going… and a very addictive personality.


So, is Atari making a comeback after going out of business so many moons ago?


I don’t think so, although nostalgia is funny like that… you never know…


But, if you want to jump on the wave, and go Atari.. here are some Atari games and consoles to keep you excited…


Atari Games 2


Atari Games 3

And, if you don’t have the Atari game console itself to play all these games with… check this out 🙂


Atari Console 1


Atari Console 2


Atari Console 3Or you can get it on Amazon too!!!!

At Games ATARI Flashback 4 Deluxe Edition


And for the game that has brought in the most money for a single game on Ebay…. I give you … (drum roll please)…..



The Atari E.T. Game Cartridge… @@  This one is going for only $41 at the time of publishing this.. let’s see how high it goes!!!


Atari Game ET

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