Insanely Realistic Balloon Animals


Chipmunk Balloon animal

It’s not very often that you come across something this creative and fascinating….

These amazing balloon animals combine the talent of balloon making with photoshop to come up with these insanely cool animals.

balloon crab

This incredible crab has come to life!

And this adorable turtle is what originally caught my attention with these gorgeous creatures.

balloon turtle

The next few animals are so simple, but with the amazing coloring, just jump out of the computer at us!

balloon giraffe

balloon horse

balloon poodle

Then there are some balloon animals that were made by this incredible artist, Sarah DeRemer, and his photoshop skills that look like they just jumped out of nature!

balloon rhinoballoon caterpillarballoon dolphin

And, if you would like to try your hand at making insane balloon animals, here are some books and kits for you to get started with… also some blowing up machines, because, I don’t know about you,, but I sure am not blowing those all up with my own breath!!!

Single Nozzle Portable Air Pump

Dual Nozzle Air Pump

Balloon Animal Univrsity Kit

Qualatex Balloons


I just love this next one, it’s so old fashioned looking and since it came with a 5 star rating on Amazon, I figured that there must be something to it!

Ridleys Balloon Modeling Kit




Ultimate Balloon Animals


Check out her page..

Cool morphed animals….



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