Seriously Insane Crazy Chewbacca Mom


Chewbacca Mom

OK… so there is this crazy lady who bought this insane Chewbacca mask… and now she is probably famous all over the world… 🙂 🙂

Here is the video for you all to enjoy…

So now this chick has been on every single TV show in America!!!

Of course… I am partial to the Late Late Show with James Corbin….

But… there are others… all cute, hilarious, insane, crazy….

And… Chewbacca mom even broke FACEBOOK records with her video gone viral!

Chewbacca Mom and Chewbacca

Riding bikes with Chewbacca????? Umm… isn’t this ET’s shtick?

Chewbacca Mom and Chewbacca riding bikes

You know….

So, now you TOO can make a Chewbacca Mom video!!!!

Chewbacca mask

For those who want to do the whole Chewbacca Costume thing…

Chewbacca Costume

chewbacca mask 1


And… stay tuned… because I have a surprise for you!


Can’t tell you WHAT!!!!

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