80 Year Ban On Pinball Machines? For? $25,000 Pinball Machine????

OK… I get the gambling part of the story… I understand.. but why wouldn’t they just ban gambling… and not the whole pinball machine?

I would think that they would, in that case, have banned decks of cards, sports, and everything else that can be gambled on….

AND did you see how expensive some pinball machines are???


Recently a pinball machine was offered for a price of $25,000!!!!!!


No need for gambling with a price like that!

Yes, it was signed by KISS … but still … dang!!!!

I think I would rather go for this one…. 2 for 1/3 of the price!

kiss pinball


I think I will just stick with regular pinball machines like these…

metallica pinball


EXCEPT…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO the ones on Ebay are even more expensive than that!!!!!


Check these out!!!!

MJ Pinball

(See… and please follow this link… because if you buy this I will be RICH!!!) 🙂

Or you might want to buy this one…

cactus canyon pinball

I guess if you were a collector… hmmmmmmmmmm…..

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