Insanely Dangerous… Rest In Peace The Latest Comer Of This Insane Sport… The Sport Of Swinging on The World’s Largest Rope Swing At The Corona Arch In Utah

Reading this news has saddened me… I guess I’m just not that type of thrill seeker….

When I watch this video on YouTube, I feel queasy and ill…  How do you feel?

Perhaps if you are an adventurer you would feel the thrill.. the people seem really excited, and the swingers are certainly happy!

But, taking your life into your own hands seems, well…. dangerous…

Evel Knievel rest in peace… Kyle Lee Stocking rest in peace… and all of you other thrill seekers.. Please please.. be careful….

And wear safe climbing gear like this stuff… pretty please with sugar on top!

ABC Complete Climbers Package

Abc Complete Climbers Package

Evolv Womens Climbing Shoe
Evolv Women’s Electra VTR Climbing Shoe

Evolv Mens Climbing Show

Evolv Men’s Defy Vtr Climbing Shoe

And also.. please please please read about climbing before you do it…

Rock Climbing Skills Book

Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert)

Mammut Climbing Rope

Mammut Supernova 10.0mm Climbing Rope with Rope Bag , Red, 60m

But, it personally feel that maybe this is more of the speed we are talking about…. let’s play it safe.. and don’t go too high!

Lifetime Swing Set Play Set

Lifetime Big Stuff Clubhouse Outdoor Playset (primary color)

Ok… yes… this IS my dream… so what?

Lifetime A Frame Swing Set

Lifetime Deluxe Freestanding A-Frame Swing Set (Earthtone)

Now.. doesn’t this look nicer than that nasty old rock?????

And if you absolutely MUST do crazy insane things…

the least you could do is wear an Evel Knievel costume while you are doing them!!!!!

Evel Knievel Costume Daredevil Outfit Adult

Adult Daredevil Halloween Costume (Large)

Child Evel Knievel Costume

Elope Evel Knievel Costume, Red/White/Blue, 12-18 Months

Evel Knievel Elvis Boots Costume

Speedy Adult Boots

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