Crazy Insane Hats!

hot dog hatClick HERE to buy this hot dog hat from Amazon!

Oh… I just HAD to share these crazy hats with you all!

I love crazy insane things, and these hats definitely define all that is crazy and insane in the world!!!!!


So, here is my collection of absolutely insane hats!!!!

Exclamation points are because I am sooo excited… as usual.. haha. 🙂


hamburger hat

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Yes, when you have a hot dog, you must also have a hamburger, of course!

fruit hatNaturally, to have a well balanced meal you must also have some fruit 🙂

 Ice cream cone hat

If you don’t like fruit then you can always have some ice cream!

Or… a cupcake!

Ice cream cup hat

 Now… we will head into the sea for some crazier insaner hats… 🙂

This colorful squid hat is my FAVE… if you are going squiddy… do it colorfully, I think….

squid hatAnd… to complete your look and to keep your sight clear… you will definitely need these wiper glasses….

wiper glassesIf you want to get even fishier…. these hats will do it!

fish hat

orca hat

Your next party would not be complete without these!

fish visorsWhat is the sea without flamingos?

flamingo hat

And you MUST have some crabs!

crab hat

And if you don’t like the sea…. some land animal hats should make you smile….

 horton hatIf you can’t hear “Who’s” you will be able to with this hat!!!

donkey hatYou can be a real “ass” with this hat… 🙂

cow hatThe cows have it…

bull hat

or…. if you are feeling horny…. ahem.

And, finally,  for all those sheeple out there…

sheep hat

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