Designer Fruit That Costs Thousands of Dollars???

Japanese Designer Fruit Shop


So, in Japan they have designer fruit…. apparently they have a lot of extra money lying around to pamper themselves…. and I’m the first one who spends money pampering myself…. BUT….

Japanese Designer Grapes at Auction

Most expensive fruit in the world sold at auction for $6400 … Presenting the Ruby Roman Grape!!!

  Japanese Designer Ruby Roman Grapes

Um…. $6,400 for GRAPES??????????

Just for the sake of what? The Look? The Taste? WHAT?????

Designer Melons Being Grown

I like a good piece of fruit now and then.. and designer fruit is interesting.. and if you’re trying to make a buck, maybe going into the designer fruit business might be a profitable venture for you considering that one single grape (yes, that IS what I said.. not a bunch of grapes, oh no… ONE) could make you about $100… and a bunch could cost over $4000!!!!

Designer Watermelons in Japan

Hello Kitty Melons

Anyone want a Hello Kitty Melon for around $50???

So, let’s go into the elite designer fruit business… here is some help.

Square Watermelon Growing Book

Grow Your Own Square Watermelon

Or some groovy shaped veggies.. 🙂

heart shaped cabbage seeds

Heart-shaped Cabbage Seeds 2g. X 3 Packs.

Melons for the Passionate Grower

Melons for the Passionate Grower

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