Crazy Insane Realistic Full Head Masks!

hamburger mask


I was in a masky mood today.

So, I have chosen some crazy insane masks for you.

Nothing scary here… I would never promote those… gross!

But, all of these are uncanny, weird, realistic, and just funny!

Imagine walking into a place with one of these on… like nothing was out of place!

Hey… you can’t help it if you were born like that.. or not 🙂

All of these masks are available on Amazon and you can just click on the images to get them 🙂

These animals ones are the most realistic I found.. there were others but they were conventional or boring… these were….. well…. insane (in a good way) 🙂

Black lab mask 🙂

black lab mask

Imagine wearing a suit and this to work!

This next one is so realistic that it IS scary…  🙂

Sphinx Cat Mask

sphinx cat mask

This one can be used for multiple purposes.. 🙂

Buffalo Mask for when you feel like a Buffalo Soldier (music video linked below to get you in the mood) 🙂

Buffalo Mask


And for when you are feeling like monkeying around….. cute and realistic!

Chimp Mask

For those of you who are super shy… why not go to work or school in this mouse mask?

Your friends will think you morphed into your real self!

Mouse Mask

This one is great… looks so real and if you click on the image, you can get all the other ape body parts, too! 🙂

(This one actually has a moving mouth feature!)

Ape Mask

For you fishy people out there.. check this one out.. I LOVE this!

Wear this one when you go to ask for a raise, if your boss doesn’t see the humor, resign and get another job!

Fish Mask

The next ones I chose because they are so insanely amazing!

The Tin Man mask 🙂

Tin Man Mask

Rasta Maaaaan….does this look great or what????

Rasta Man Mask

This one is great for when you don’t want anyone to recognize you… or when you are just feeling like a nobody!

White Face Mask

And, last but not least… whatever this is… I love it!

Crazy Dreadlock Mask

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