Insane Man in a Bear Costume Harasses Real Bears in Alaska!

man in bear costume

OK… so there is this guy in Alaska who gets this bear costume on (the guy in the picture isn’t the real guy)… apparently the costume he wore was very realistic.

He goes and antagonizes this mother bear and her cubs….

He might have been drinking too much… he might have been high… or who knows…. but in any case, the authorities weren’t having it.

The guy was fairly insane or had a death wish.

As fate would have it, he ran away before the bears or the authorities could get him….insane!!!

So, the next time you get the insane urge to harass bears… here are some costumes for you…

brown bear costume

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grizzly bear costume

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polar bear costum

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And you might want to dress up like Ted! That would certainly scare those bears!

Ted costume

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Or you could be the bear mascot for your school team!

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Or just be Winnie the Pooh!

winnie the pooh

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And don’t forget to take your children with you….!!!!

Child bear costume

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And why not take your dog, too?

dog bear costume

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I’m pretty sure the bears would run away if they saw this family coming… what do you think?



$1, 360 To See Kim Kardashian At A Mall?????



That is totally insane… are they joking?

I’m quite sure I wouldn’t pay a single penny to see her.. and it’s not that I hate her, because I certainly don’t (I mean, I will admit to watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Kim and Kourtney Take NY” once in a blue moon when I’m doing something else at home and want some mindless thing to listen to while I’m doing it)…. BUT… COME ON!!!!! Did these people bump their heads???

And who from Millions of Milkshakes thought that it would be a good idea to bring the former Playboy Playmate to the Arabian Gulf for appearances anyway must have also bumped his or her head…. for real.

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