Crazy Insane Funny Sunglasses!!!

Crazy Eyes Hologram Sunglasses


Everyone likes to have fun sometimes.

One way to feel good and have fun and look really really insane is to wear crazy sunglasses….

Check out these crazy sunglasses that I found on Amazon!

I’m sure when you wear any of these you are definitely going to be the life of the party!

Hey… what about these???

Elope Bug Eyes

Or you could pretend that you are the Statue of Liberty!!!!

Statue of Liberty Sunglasses

Or you could look like a cartoon character with these insane cartoon eyes sunglasses!!!

Cartoon Eyes SunglassesOr wear shark’s teeth on your eyes and make everyone think that you are going to eat them! (The girls will love you!!!)

Shark Teeth Sunglasses

Or you could hijack a ship and pretend that you are the captain!!!

Ship Captain Sunglasses

Or you can make people think you are a monster with these creepy bug eye monster sunglasses…

Creepy Monster Eyes SunglassesOr look like a Picasso painting with these crazy insane sunglasses!

Picasso Sunglasses

Or… for you Rolling Stones fans out these… these lip sunglasses will make you sing!!!

Lips SunglassesOr for you crazy insane geeky nerds out there who have a sense of humor….

Crazy Pixelated Geek Nerd Sunglasses

Or for those of you who love that Daft Punk look!!! Check these out!!!

Wrap Around Daft Punk Sunglasses


Futuristic Daft Punk Sunglasses

Or for those of you who just want to look insane….

USA Flag Sunglasses

Rainbow Sunglasses

Crazy Checkerboard Sunglasses

Or, if you really don’t want to look crazy or insane… here are a few CUTE sunglasses for you Lolitas out there or you Kawaii girls!

Kawaii Hello Kitty Bow Sunglasses

Kawaii Bunny Bow SunglassesCute Kawaii Polka Dot Sunglasses

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