Insane Treasure Hunt For The Mysterious Gold Of Forrest Fenn

Treasure Chest

OK Forrest Fenn (LOVE your name, by the way… just flows off the tongue)… you ARE an adventurer…. and since I love treasure so much, your idea is amazing… and generous.. an expensive game, yes, but a GREAT riddle, treasure hunt, and adventure is worth absolutely every penny, and I completely understand where you are coming from! I LOVE the idea! I’m sure we’d be buds.. no offense and all due respect to your wife…

This is what Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest looks like closed (for those who are going to be hunting for it…

Treasure Chest Forrest Fenn

Happy hunting you treasure seekers around the USA and world even… may the best, most creative, daring, wily, sharp person win!

Why give it away for free when you can make them work for it… you are a great man Forrest Fenn!

Now you have given me an idea for my own treasure hunt right here in Kuwait… 🙂 Bwaa haa haa…

And for those of you who are thinking about trying to find the treasure… this is the poem that is supposed to be filled with clues, in full:

As I have gone alone in there
And with my treasures bold,
I can keep my secret where,
And hint of riches new and old.
Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Put in below the home of Brown.
From there it’s no place for the meek,
The end is drawing ever nigh;
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.
If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.
So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak
So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.

Some people are trying to say that Forrest Fenn made the whole thing up to sell books.. or that he really didn’t hide it.. blah blah blah… I think he did… I think it’s real, and the money is not the deal for him… believe me.. it’s the pure joy…

This is the book: The Thrill Of The Chase… exactly!

The Thrill of the Chase Forrest Fenn

THRILL OF THE CHASE:The Thrill of the Chase (A Memior) [Hardcover] Forrest Fenn (Author)

Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir

People who don’t have money wouldn’t understand this… but that is why, and it’s worth every gram and ounce of gold in that treasure chest… GREAT idea!

Forrest Fenn With Artifacts

And this is Forrest Fenn, decorated ex-military fighter pilot, amateur archeologist, author, and art gallery business mogul…

Here is a link to another of his books: The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt… insane, crazy, wonderful, amazing, genius!

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