Now The Gangnam Style Groin Grinding Dance Had Gone Competitive!!! That is Insane!!!

Gangnam Style Groin Grinding Competition

So.. this is where we are going with this.. it’s not enough that we have to see it and hear it everywhere… but now this!!!

So… here is the original…

And here is one spoof… (I LOVE THIS ONE)…

Apparently this is what they are using in Thailand these days to keep prison inmates busy!!!!

That is truly insane!



Gangnam Style Insanity – Psy Is Goofy… But Pyrobooby Is Insane!


Now I’ll give you something insane… it wasn’t crazy enough that Justin Bieber became so famous from YouTube (and then sold out – not worth it Biebs… but it’s your choice man)… but now Psy.. that insane Korean dude is doing the same thing.. we will see if and how fast he sells out. 🙂 Hope not though.. but really.. the dude is insane and the video is insane.. especially that pumping grinding guy in the elevator.. OMG!

You can click on either image to go and see the video on YouTube… 🙂

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