Are you Insane? Putting Everything Out There…

Now here is something crazy….

I will buy a device that will sit in my home, listen to or even watch me go to the bathroom, listen to me fart, listen to me snore, and watch me and tell me how to best boink with my partner, in case I need advice….

Why would I want a device like this????

Can someone out there please tell me?

Well….. it does look innocent, doesn’t it???


Here are what some other people think about this whole subject….

And in this video… the Echo kind of looks like something else….

I will share a true story with you….

One day I had just arrived home and was sitting in my car with my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 4 next to me.

I was picking something up and dropped it, which was followed by the F*&^%$ expletive…

A voice then came out of my phone to the effect of… “Are we upset today?”

I looked around to see where the voice had come from… and realized that it had come from my phone… through an app that had never been used, turned on, or anything else ever…. how is that???

Needless to say, I pitched the phone… insulted it profusely… told it if I ever heard it’s voice again I would break it in a million pieces… etc.

I have never heard it talk again… believe me.

But, the question is… WTF??????????????

I have watched videos where the people ask the phone questions and they are interesting, funny, and also very disturbing… I will share some of those below….


But, who is insane enough to have a phone or a device that they knowingly and willingly place in their own homes???

Have we entered such a social media age that we want cameras and microphones following us around 24 hours a day???

What happened to privacy???

Just saying…

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