Totally Insane!!! What Were These People Thinking?

Ok.. I’m warning you.. This is kind of GROSS… so carry on if you want to see what I’m talking about.. (not explicit though) .





Butt I want an IPod!

Butt Give Me My Glasses


Buzz Butt


Ok… so what is the logic behind putting stuff up your butt… particularly pointed, square, strange stuff…

Wouldn’t you think that doing that would be slightly dangerous?

I remember when I was in college, one of my friends was studying to be a nurse, and she had to do an internship in a local emergency room…

Well… she told us stories of people putting mustard jars, Coke bottles, and other similarly shaped things… and that was horrible enough..BUT.. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR?????? (Maybe a real Buzz Lightyear… but definitely not a toy one).

I mean.. they ended up in the emergency room didn’t they?

But, putting random stuff up there, especially stuff that could potentially poke a hole in your rectum or colon? Like what is the point? How insane is that??????


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