Insane Crazy Socks – Hey… don’t you want to absolutely wear capes on your legs???!!

Superman Socks with Cape

DC Comics SUPERMAN Logo Licensed Knee High Socks with Cape

OK… don’t you just wanna wear these? Don’t you just wanna go around pretending you are Superman? I know I do… yup.

I hate socks enough as it is, and so I definitely want to wear capes on my legs. That is insane!!!!

Here are some more crazy insane socks to wear.. you know you wanna wear them.. right? Yup.

Superhero Cape Socks

Wonder Woman Superhero Red Adult Knee High Cape Sock

OR.. you can pretend there is a shark eating your leg. I think that is even more fun! And definitely more insane!!!!!!

Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite 3 Dimensional Trouser Socks by Foot Traffic

I know I’m going right out to buy these now.. aren’t you?

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