McKayla Is Not Impressed Indeed.. But Tom Cruise’s Publicist Is Insane


McKayla is not impressed… and neither was the entire USA and the world……………….

Remember this?

Well.. I saw it when it happened… and it was a sad moment..

It looked fake.. and it was fake..

The next time your insane publicist tells you to do something stupid, and your heart pinches you and is trying to tell you that you are going to look retarded on national and, indeed, international television.. pay attention and don’t do it.

By the way.. I LOVE the McKayla memes that are everywhere.. insanely funny 🙂 (Some of them anyway). 🙂

Also… check out this link.. 🙂 For millions of McKayal meme images.. some are REALLY insane!!!!!



I’m speechless… really…

Insane Mountainside Home!!!

Insane Mountain Home


I KNOW I wouldn’t want to live in THIS insane mountainside home!!!!!

I think I would absolutely DIE!!!!!!

I can’t stand going up ladders!!!! YIKES!!!!

Yes, indeedy… That… Is .. Insane


Awkward is the understatement for this…

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Butt Why?


That is insane.. don’t people look in the mirror before going out? Or maybe she thought this looked good? Or maybe she lost all her clothes and all she could find was her little 5 year old sister’s shorts?


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