Insane Wonderful Cirque Du Soleil Alegria Clown Acts

BARCELONA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 26: Cirque du Soleil performs Alegria at Palau Sant Jordi on December 26, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Getty Images)

BARCELONA, SPAIN – DECEMBER 26: Cirque du Soleil performs Alegria at Palau Sant Jordi on December 26, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Getty Images)

You know… no circus is complete without a bunch of clowns.

A few years ago we went to Dubai to see Cirque Du Soleil and the show was Alegria.

alegria clown

It was really one of the most amazing shows we have ever seen!

We loved every single act, and there were so many!

But, you know… those clowns!

We ended up buying clown noses (among a ton of other things) to take home and we still have them!

So, I just want to share some clown noses here, because they really do make a person feel happy and silly!

Please please share these with your friends, especially if they are down in the dumps….

clown noses

Take it to the next level with your own clown makeup… go for it!

clown makeup kit

Or for a less expensive one….

clown makeup kit 2

And this great book that will teach you how to make clown faces… clown it up!!!!

Complete Guide to Clown Makeup

And you KNOW you want this crazy insane rainbow clown wig…. don’t you, don’t you??????

rainbow clown wig

Or… if you prefer to be one of those bald clowns…. this is just the kit you need!

bald head clown kit

And, if you want to do the whole insane clown thing… this costume will be perfect for you!

clown costume

And, of course you have to get your baby in on the fun, too!

baby clown costume

AND….. the dog!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

dog clown costume

Hey…. just clowning around! 🙂 wink wink *


Insane Rotten Teeth… UM… OK

rottin teeth


So… these Swiss made “rottin’ teeth” have been causing a real stir in Germany and other European counties recently….

Apparently, when you wear them, they might not ever come off!!!!

Who on earth would really want rotten looking teeth anyway????

Even for a costume!!!


In case you are thinking of going the rotten tooth way for a costume… here are a few choice pieces for your perusal 🙂

And some of these are positively insane!!!!

The Billy Bob teeth 🙂

billy bob teeth

The Big Cleatus teeth…

big cleatus teeth

Realistic Evil Monster Teeth…

Evil Monster Teeth


You could be a werewolf….

Werewolf Teeth

Pretend you have a gold tooth with these 🙂  You pimp you!

Gold Tooth Teeth

You can pretend that you have braces…..

Fake Braces Teeth

You can share some crazy insane really ugly teeth with your friends…

Pack of Crazy Teeth

You can go ghetto mogul with your grillz!

Fake Grillz Teeth

And, if you want to have those cool vampire teeth without actually filing yours down… these are AWESOME… (I actually have these, and they mold perfectly for your teeth)… I scared the **** out of my kids… woke them up and smiled at them…. one cried, one screamed, one gasped…. one stared in shock, and all thought they were real….

Custom Vampire Fangs Teeth

Custom werewolf teeth.. amazing… REALISTIC!!!

Custom Werewolf Fangs Teeth

And.. you do need to brush your new insane teeth… so here is a giant toothbrush…

Giant Toothbrush


Have a Very Insane Thanksgiving!!!

Insane Thanksgiving

Yes, we all know that Thanksgiving is coming right up.

So, you absolutely KNOW that we don’t promote anything ordinary…..


We want everybody to have an insane time always…


Your insane Thanksgiving is coming right up….

You KNOW you are a turkey, so why not look the part?

turkey costumeYou know you want to……

turkey costume 2

And, if you don’t want to be a turkey, you can always be a pilgrim…..

pilgrim man costume

pilgrim woman costume

Maybe it’s all in your head!

turkey hatAnd for the men…..

turkey tie


But… for those of you who care more about the food…. wear your dinner…

roast turkey hat

turkey leg head bopper

And for dessert……

pumpkin pie hat

And for those turkey toes out there…

turkey socks

So… have a nice Turkey Dayyyyy…. cuz that’s what it’s all about anyway…. innnit????

Crazy Insane Realistic Full Head Masks!

hamburger mask


I was in a masky mood today.

So, I have chosen some crazy insane masks for you.

Nothing scary here… I would never promote those… gross!

But, all of these are uncanny, weird, realistic, and just funny!

Imagine walking into a place with one of these on… like nothing was out of place!

Hey… you can’t help it if you were born like that.. or not 🙂

All of these masks are available on Amazon and you can just click on the images to get them 🙂

These animals ones are the most realistic I found.. there were others but they were conventional or boring… these were….. well…. insane (in a good way) 🙂

Black lab mask 🙂

black lab mask

Imagine wearing a suit and this to work!

This next one is so realistic that it IS scary…  🙂

Sphinx Cat Mask

sphinx cat mask

This one can be used for multiple purposes.. 🙂

Buffalo Mask for when you feel like a Buffalo Soldier (music video linked below to get you in the mood) 🙂

Buffalo Mask


And for when you are feeling like monkeying around….. cute and realistic!

Chimp Mask

For those of you who are super shy… why not go to work or school in this mouse mask?

Your friends will think you morphed into your real self!

Mouse Mask

This one is great… looks so real and if you click on the image, you can get all the other ape body parts, too! 🙂

(This one actually has a moving mouth feature!)

Ape Mask

For you fishy people out there.. check this one out.. I LOVE this!

Wear this one when you go to ask for a raise, if your boss doesn’t see the humor, resign and get another job!

Fish Mask

The next ones I chose because they are so insanely amazing!

The Tin Man mask 🙂

Tin Man Mask

Rasta Maaaaan….does this look great or what????

Rasta Man Mask

This one is great for when you don’t want anyone to recognize you… or when you are just feeling like a nobody!

White Face Mask

And, last but not least… whatever this is… I love it!

Crazy Dreadlock Mask

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